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oblikovanje in tisk fotografijThe MiniFoto web application

The MiniFoto web application has been conceived for the very simple digital designing of promotional material or personalised printed matter. It is intended for photo studios and digital printing houses that want to quickly respond to the demands of their clients and websites users.

You can enter suggestions, backgrounds, frames, or theme pictures in the application, which the user then includes in the design of the product based on pre-set templates. If you want your application to coincide with the appearance of your website, then we can adapt it to your specifications accordingly.

tisk fotografij

The MiniFoto web application offers a variety of activities for users, including everything from designing the photographs, photo calendars, stickers, a photo gift programme, to digital printing. The best news is that there is no need to install the application because the entire process and function takes place online.

The interface of the application has been designed for a simple and pleasant experience for users where they simply upload the desired photographs without the need for any prior photo designing or size adapting; the application actually adapts the size of the photo to the particular print template. The users can change the lighting, contrast, and colour tone to the uploaded photos and place them in the template in whatever way they desire.

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